Kylie Lynch
from $44 / 30 mins

Kylie is a qualified counsellor and predominantly works with women, young people and families.

Kylie strongly believes that people are resourceful and resilient and that you are the expert in your own life.

Kylie sees her role as being to help a client tell their story. She does this by connecting and holding a space where it feels safe to do so. She believes knowledge and understanding can be gained by exploring and describing the way things are experienced.

Kylie believes emotions are connected to our most essential needs. Putting language and story to the way we are feeling helps a person process these emotions and the events that have triggered them. From this position you are much more able to use your strengths and resources to problem solve and bring about hope and change.

Kylie is also passionate about supporting mums and dads to be the parents they want to be. As a mother to two young children she brings life experience to this topic.

Kylie loves being a wife and mother, and enjoys hanging out with her cat, dog and three chickens. Kylie finds time spent near the water, or practising yoga and meditating are important ways she cares for herself.

Primary Techniques: Emotion Focused Therapy, Strength Based, Person Centred Therapy, Transpersonal Therapy.