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Life is a series of moments where darker and lighter days are all experiences towards growth on multiple levels. I too have experienced this diversity which is why I can honestly connect to and understand people.

Hi I’m Anastasia. My journey and experiences in life thus far have revealed that everyone can be resilient and vulnerable at the same time. I am passionate about supporting people tune into their own power and tap into their highest true potential.

My experiences have revealed to me that every person needs to be heard and understood without judgement. I am blessed with a natural ability to show empathy, honesty and respect – which enables me to help co-create a safe space for people to share, open their heart and mind.

My counselling background is diverse and rich with regards to the people I have worked with and continue to do so both privately and for various organisations. I have worked with young people presenting with trauma, substance abuse and mental health. Equally so I have worked with adults facing the same challenges in a psychiatric facility and other settings.

I teach meditation and yoga and find both these ancient wisdoms to be very powerful for most individuals. Teaching people how to reconnect with themselves on multiple levels has tremendous power. 

Previously I developed a program which was designed to cultivate and develop self-awareness and promote healing. The goal was to increase a sense of stability and re- establish constructive self-beliefs and self-confidence. 

To help people feel much more grounded in the midst of any storm that may come and go including everyday life which I see as holding great value. Helping people maximise their full potential to live a rich, full and meaningful life which reflects their true potential is a wonderful gift and also enriches my own journey.

I am bi-lingual and have learnt some other languages in my journey. I am looking forward to working with you and offer gratitude for allowing me into your world.