Counselling doesn’t always have to be about big issues happening in your life.

In reality some of the best work you can do is on your own personal development before any big issues might come along!

So often people only go to see a counsellor when they have hit rock bottom, when issues and struggles have really started to take over.

What if talking to a trained professional became part of your own personal development?

How much more prepared, confident and capable would this have you feeling when the inevitable challenges of life come along?

All our counsellors are trained and experienced in working with people on their own personal development.

Choose your counsellor now from the listings below.


Adam Borge

Professional Counsellor

from $44 / 30 mins

My counselling and therapy approach is kind, respectful, genuine, accepting and understanding, no matter what issues you’re struggling with.

Anastasia Kassionis

Professional Counsellor

from $44 / 30 mins

Life is a series of moments where darker and lighter days are all experiences towards growth on multiple levels. I too have experienced this diversity which is why I can honestly connect to and understand people.

Cassie Causton

Professional Counsellor

from $44 / 30 mins

Cassie believes that positive change is possible for everyone. Cassie sees counselling as a powerful tool that helps people overcome challenges and find balance in life.

Helene Levin

Professional Counsellor

from $44 / 30 mins

I have been counselling all different types of people now for over 5 years and I love what I do. I approach each of my sessions with the aim to ensure that my client feels better at the end of the session than at the beginning.

Jessica Buhne

Professional Counsellor

from $44 / 30 mins

Jessica believes that within each and every one of us is the capacity to make positive changes to live an enriched life of connection and purpose.

Kerry Drysdale

Professional Counsellor

from $44 / 30 mins

Kerry’s interest in counselling is to support people through challenging times of transition and change when people are seeking to find greater clarity and direction in their lives.

Kylie Lynch

Professional Counsellor

from $44 / 30 mins

Kylie is a qualified counsellor and predominantly works with women, young people and families. Kylie strongly believes that people are resourceful and resilient and that you are the expert in your own life.

Linda Gray

Professional Counsellor

from $44 / 30 mins

Linda has been a social worker for over 15 years, successfully assisting and counselling people in a diverse range of situations. 

Anxiety Counselling

Anyone who has ever struggled with anxiety or panic attacks would agree that it can really take over your life.

Depression Counselling

Depression is a unique experience for everyone who struggles with it. Find out how can help.

Grief and Loss Counselling

Grief and Loss counselling is helpful for the many types of big changes that inevitably come along in our lives.

Personal Development

Counselling doesn't have to be about big issues - the best work you can do is on your own personal development now.

Relationship Issues

The main reason people come to see a counsellor is because of issues in their relationships.

Stress and Anger Counselling

When we aren't able to express ourselves and make change happen in our lives, stress and anger can start to dominate.

Substance Issues

Substance issues do not have to be a life sentence, and you can make changes to lessen the impact that they are having on your life.