Anyone who has ever struggled with anxiety or panic attacks would agree that it can really take over your life.

It can have you avoiding situations, isolating yourself from friends and family, missing out on opportunities and feeling drained and exhausted from all the effort.

Anxiety can pop its head up at the most inopportune moments, and when it really takes a grip it can completely stop you in your tracks.

All the professionals on our website have training and experience in anxiety counselling.

And you can access them from the comfort of your home (we know that lots of people who struggle with anxiety find it really hard to leave the comfort of their home to get to a counsellor’s office).

You don’t have to struggle with it alone. You are not weak, or weird, or any of the other bad things that the anxiety might have you thinking about yourself.

You just haven’t been able to get the help that might make the difference.

The first step is always the hardest, but once you do it you will find the change you are seeking.

Choose your counsellor now from the listings below.


Adam Borge

Professional Counsellor

from $44 / 30 mins

My counselling and therapy approach is kind, respectful, genuine, accepting and understanding, no matter what issues you’re struggling with.

Andrew Nicholson

Professional Counsellor

from $44 / 30 mins

Andrew is an experienced social worker and counsellor with over 30 years’ combined experience in both fields.

Cassie Causton

Professional Counsellor

from $44 / 30 mins

Cassie believes that positive change is possible for everyone. Cassie sees counselling as a powerful tool that helps people overcome challenges and find balance in life.

Helene Levin

Professional Counsellor

from $44 / 30 mins

I approach each of my sessions with the aim to ensure that my client feels better at the end of the session than at the beginning. My role is to guide my clients through their issues and show them the tools required for them to lead healthy, happy and productive lives when our sessions end.

Jessica Buhne

Professional Counsellor

from $44 / 30 mins

Jessica believes that within each and every one of us is the capacity to make positive changes to live an enriched life of connection and purpose.

Kerry Drysdale

Professional Counsellor

from $44 / 30 mins

Kerry’s interest in counselling is to support people through challenging times of transition and change when people are seeking to find greater clarity and direction in their lives.

Anxiety Counselling

Anyone who has ever struggled with anxiety or panic attacks would agree that it can really take over your life.

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