Counselling At Home is just like a normal counselling practice, except you meet your counsellor online rather than at a physical location.

We offer an all in one infrastructure where you can find a counsellor, schedule an appointment and have your session, all within the one secure place.

After running his own private practice over a number of years, Counselling At Home founder Adrian Holmes realised how high the appointment cancellation and rescheduling rate consistently was – an average of almost 60% of people cancelled in any given week.

In most cases, people have totally understandable and legitimate reasons for having to cancel appointments (sick kids, work commitments, traffic problems, anxiety etc.) so physically getting to a location to be able to access counselling is clearly a major stumbling block.

If it is so hard to get in to see a counsellor, how many people are therefore unable to access help?

Looking to overseas, we noticed that telehealth services (online health services) were becoming more sophisticated and trustworthy, and that a similar service for people looking for counselling in Australia needed to be available.

It’s a bit like online banking; we all use it now but when it first became available people needed to see that the technology was safe and secure. Telehealth is now widely used around the world and is sophisticated, secure and private, just like online banking.

At Counselling At Home, our focus is on confidentiality, safety and security.

Everything happens within our fully encrypted and secure platform, with the goal being for you to feel safe and comfortable so that you can focus on what brought you here in the first place – to access professional and convenient counselling help.

We have an ever growing team of counsellors and psychologists that are fully trained and registered (just like in any other reputable service) and we want to provide a platform where you can meet them without having to leave your home.

Welcome to Counselling At Home, it’s nice to meet you.

Founder/Director, Adrian Holmes