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How Can We Help You?

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Feeling Anxious

Anyone who has ever struggled with anxiety or panic attacks would agree that it can really take over your life. More than most issues, anxiety can make it really hard to get in to see a counsellor.

Relationship Issues

The main reason most people come to see a counsellor is because of issues in their relationships, whether this be with your partner, family, colleague or because you haven't got the relationship you want yet.


Feeling Depressed

Depression is a unique experience for everyone who struggles with it. It is also one of the most common and treatable issues our counsellors can help you with.

Stress & Anger

Often when you can't express and make change happen in your life, stress and anger can start to dominate. It can show up in many different ways, and severely impact on your relationships and your happiness.


Choose Your Counsellor

The first step is to choose your counsellor. We have a team of professional counsellors with years of experience to suit your specific needs.

Book A Time

Once you've chosen your counsellor you choose a time to meet using our online calendar. You just need to enter some personal details to complete your booking and you will receive an email confirmation. This area, like the whole website, is as private and secure as online banking.

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Have Your Session

At the time of your scheduled appointment, you meet your counsellor online using the most secure video conferencing technology available. This is the easiest part - all you have to do to meet your counsellor is click a link in the email we send you. No downloads or special software necessary.

Why Online Counselling?

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With no travel time to a counsellor's office, you’ll find it much easier fitting appointments into your schedule.

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You can choose from a range of professional and experienced counsellors to suit your specific needs.

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Our whole website is 256 bit encrypted (the same internet security level that banks use) to ensure maximum security.

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All our counsellors have top notch qualifications and years of experience. We have handpicked the best counsellors we can find for you.



Our organisation stands behind the service we offer. We will always respond quickly and with sensitivity.

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We utilise the highest level of internet security to ensure confidentiality and guarantee your privacy.